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Welcome to The Great Australian Sex Census presented by RedHotPie.com.au

The 2013/14 results are in and the numbers are massive – over 17,000 Australian’s surveyed!The Sex Census surveys Australians in order to gain statistics and get a sexual snapshot of the nation.We asked the questions you’ll never see on the ABS questionnaire polling the people on everything from our physical attributes to sexual habits to opinions on taboo issues.

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The Great Australian Sex Census is a powerful tool, capable of taking a sexual snapshot of Australian sexuality each year, but it’s also a lot of fun. Media all around the world have run stories utilising information from the Sex Census.

Here are just a few of the numerous articles reporting on, or in collaborating with, The Great Australian Sex Census.

Great Sex Census Results

Welcome to the holy grail of sexual statistics! Here you’ll find all the results from each Great Australian Sex Census conducted by RedHotPie.com.au. Not only can you browse the immense amount of information gathered in every bi-annual census, you can also compare results from year to year to see how the sexual landscape of Australia is slowly moving, gyrating and shakin’ its groove thang!

Being the generous buggers we are, all use of statistics from the Great Australian Sex Census is completely free! However we do ask that you drop our name in with any use of these numbers, just so we can keep our street cred, you understand. You can find all crediting requirements on our media T&C page here.

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